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Jocelyn is a freelance photographer and graphic designer, and a photography instructor with National Geographic Student Expeditions. She specializes in creating visuals that are optimized for social media and other digital profiles.


Her work has been featured on USA Today, VentureBeat, Santa Clara University websites and social media, SportTechie, winning political campaigns and many others. Her photos were also printed and featured by The EAGLE magazine as the front cover. 



My name is Jocelyn, and you can call me Joce.

Visual storytelling is my way of interacting and connecting with the world. I'm passionate about sharing stories and using narratives to inspire learning and build a more compassionate world.​

Growing up in various cities around China, I had the opportunity to travel throughout the country and to neighboring destinations. I've always been intrigued by the complexity and beauty of different cultures and landscapes. To me, traveling is the best way to learn about others and discover new things about yourself. 

I've travelled to 18 countries and hope to see and visit more! In the future, my goal is to start and run my own alpaca farm and photography studio that offers free lessons for people who don't have access to studio equipments or professional camera gears. Photography has helped me grow to be more creative and confident, and I hope to share the art and my passion with others who might also find a new voice and inspiration through it. 

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Contact Me

500 El Camino Real,

Santa Clara, CA 95053




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